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the first thing we do with powers is to seek to raise more taxes. >> steinberg says it's time to bring back programs suffering through kbrinls in cuts over the years. >> we will take the opportunity to fight for and restore some of the worst of the worst cuts. >> californians still have the executive branch to block tax cuts. the governor says he'll make sure it doesn't overindull skppblg reminded people of a campaign promise. >> are you going to use a super majority to raise taxes? >> no. this governor won't commit to a veto, either. >> we're not into this. >> governor brown wants to use super majority powers to recalibrate business regulations and improve education. signberg wants tax and initiative reforms.
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and californians decided to keep the penalty. californians attempted to repeel the death pen skbralt replace it. yes votes added up to 47%. no votes receiving 52%. voters passed nornl prime initiative on the three-strikes law. proposition 36 by 69% that revises a law only when the third strike is a serious, or violent crime. we'll have a look at races later on in this newscast. >> we have developing news in fremont. a baby frel a sek story window this afternoon. police say the 11-month-old girl lost consciousness. the girl turns one just days. a helicopter took her to children's hospital, oakland. we do not know the extent of her injuries.
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police trying to figure out what happened. >> good news for drivers on southbound i 880. lanes of the freeway reopened following a hazmat spill that happened this morning that tied things up for hours. a truck dumped 185 gallons ofed load on the road near highway 238 interchange. several lanes were closed and crews cleaned thup mess. traffic backed up to the coliseum. >> the president back at the white house wasting little time getting back to work after his victory just over an hour ago, first family arrived on their way back to washington. the president called top leaders to talk about agenda for the rest of the year. before leaving chicago he made a surprise stop in his campaign headquarters. you can see giving hugs and praise to those helping him win a second term. democrats remain control of
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the senate. republicans lost three key seats. the house stays republican, 233 republicans and 185 democrats. house democrats now waiting for nancy pelosi's decision. >> so with congress left the same, many worry the gridlock that stalled washington will continue. the democrat senate majority leader and republican house majority leader talking about compromise the day after the election. democrat and republican leaders in california say rez obama needs to seize on this opportunity. >> listen to individual members on both sides. develop the relationships that are necessary when you have big, difficult problems.. >> republicans need to lack for places where they can work with the president that would be government reform. they need to make a better case on the tax policies.
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>> today john boehner stressed election was not a mandate for raising taxs.. >> and stocks sank on wall street. dow saw the worst day of the year. the nasdaq and dow drop considerably. others a they expect that had drop off if barack obama won. the president and congress cannot agree on an expiring $800 billion plan. >> workers strike against railly supermarket led to an arrest. tonight union employees gathering to show solidarity. alan wong is live at the railly's tonight with the story. >> there are communications
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director arrested here at the knob hill store. i'm told there is a dispute over a paycheck so a company spokesperson for the store chain says he was arrested for assaulting a railly's employee. this sunday nearly 8,000 uscw members have been onstrike and sea the railly's knob rilhill store chain wants to take way their family and retiree medical benefits as well as their sunday and premium pay. united food and commercial workers union is made up of mostly cash years, butchers, service clerks and produce workers. >> $20 an hour is not a lot when you have family. we are not asking for more. we want owe keep what we have. we didn't want this fight. we're going to now finish it.
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>> the railly's knob ril store chain responded with a statement saying that this union is attempting to force our company out of business which will bennett our competition, police have been called to the railly's in fremont twice. they show their support for 8,000 workers we'll keep you up to date as thp story velz. back to you, dan. >> thank you very much. well, a new mall could bring jobs to a hard hit area. it bring was it jobs and several high end stores. abc 7 news joins us live with the story. wayne? >> this is it.
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everyone has been waiting for it. up to the deadline getting it ready. more boxes going into stores now. they're stocking shelfs and say retail is a good indication of an economy. if this is the case then this is all positive. no one said lowering it could be easy. it's hard work. >> in 2010 i was a labor on a construction site. i'm used to digging ditches. this is nice. >> so today they helped open an aces outlet. one of 130 new stores debutting tomorrow with the new paradgs gon mall. figure 2000 jobs because of it and four years ago we saw revenues drop to%. we took a $16 million hit from
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$85 million to $70 million. so that is a drop. >> this was a differents a couple months can make. nouf standing in lines has begun to pay off. >> when? expecting not much. >> it's discouraging. it's depressing. >> yes. there is a job with a small operator out of work more than two months. this that worry is gone. >> i can see this mall going up with these amazing stores and that is to me, a sign of hope. >> and just in time. whether a judge student or a money hoping to keep her life up.
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>> i've got a 21-year-old boy in college. mama needs to make her mortgage. >> livermore's rate is much improved over this time last year. last year, 6.7% in 2011. 5.6 is better than the rest of the california unemployment rate, 10.2%. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> this is just what they don't need. a winter storm closing in. it's expected to bring snow, rain, and 80 miles per hour winds. people in low-lying areas have been told to leave. the storm is expected to undo many of the electric repairs after hurricane sandy. it's also leading to flight delay skpdz cancellations again. >> last night we took flight
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status. then came up it's cancelled so just called united and told we can come for an evening flight. but now just told not sure. so. >> they're waiting and united and american and virgin lirns cancelled 31 flights out of sfo today. >> oh, boy. >> here at home we went from our summer weather in the maul fall, to winter. sandhya patel with a big weather change. >> that is right. we're going to get an early taste of winter and going to be seeing cold showers and a possibility of snow. yes, here in the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and trying to bring a big carry on on board one airline will now cost big bucks. michael finney has details on that. >> first place the president declared victory before he took the stage. the news continues in one minute.
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police tracking down suspects one by one by a mob last month. investigators arrested nicholas hudson in new york city. police want to you take a look at these pictures of other suspects if you recognize them. this man accused of using his skateboard to smash out windows. they say he is barricade to damage the windshield of the bus. this driver was able to get aeng passengers off safely. >> let's talk about the election. it's was remarkable and driven in large part by the rising
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influence of social media. abc 7 news follows this closely for us and is here with a look at how the election played out online. >> we've been talking about how it's been at the center of the election. twitter tallied 31 million tweets including this one. this became the most-liked photo with over three million likes and growing this, is in contrast to mitt romney, a man of few words, two words to be exact. posting thank you to supporters today. he hasn't tweeted since yesterday morning but someone on you tube took liberty of putting words in his mouth. check out this video. this doctors video of romney
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singing his speech has well over 60,000 views and growing but cheryl lazar tells us the loudest tweets seem to be coming from the biggest bird. >> big bird lining up to vote was big yesterday and continued when obama won people were pufting big bird in their pictures on facebook and twitter. in front of the white ous. >> and governor romney said he would cut funding at pbs. they say it signifies a shift. four years ago, people tweeting about what is on the news. now, we're covering what people are tweeting about. >> we saw people were engaging and reacting and shaping the conversation that ended up coming out the next day nrkt news. >> twitter has been doing a lot of analysis. coming up we'll tell what you they're learning from it. >> voters in palo alto have
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rejected idea of allowing medical, you know we want to move on to this story. allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to open in their city. would it have permitted three medical pot clubs to open. san francisco voter as proved a tax to raise money for city college voters said yes to a tax on real estate transactions. >> well, airlines taking baggage fees to a new level, one carrier began charging up to 100s oodz what? that is just ridiculous. i'm not supposed to take sides. >> what? >> that is a lot of money isn't it? this is enough with baggage
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fees spirit airways is changing -- charging as much as $100 as cheryl just said to stow a bag in the overhead bin however, say sez it hopes it's never collects that much money from customers. you can avoid the fee paying for bags ahead of time. carry on costing just $35, there is a bargain if you book the flight and bag online before the trip. the $100 fee only kicks in when declaring the bag at the gate. spirit says the goal to speed up boarding. not to squeeze passengers. i just report the news. flight trackers say planes will be nearly full and that will make flights more expensive. 24 million passengers expected to fly during thanksgiving week.
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this average flight costing $389 round trip. you might save flying on thanksgiving day and returning the following tuesday. those are the lightest travel days that could save you money. samsung intro dugs a lap top that may rival the popular tab blet computers chrome book lap top is light weight, thin but has a full keyboard and tracking path. >> big news is that this is a $249 lap top. this is huge news. it's $80 less than the new ipad mini. >> it uses google chrome operating system going on sale this week. the theory is taking on to see how they did. >> come back to that boarding fee. >> yes. >> for $100 i wonder if they
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let me pack myself. it would be cheaper. >> good weather for flying? >> yes. >> sandhya patel is here. things changing. >> oh in, a big way. we're going to go to winter like chill. bring on the showers. major changes in the forecast starting tomorrow. already seeing changes from clouds out there. temperatures running a good 10-22 degrees koomer. low clouds never cleared in areas. another live picture, from our camera where it's a beautiful view of lake tahoe. 53 now. winter weather advisory is going on. beautiful view there. what it looks like we do have low clouds here near the
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coast. high clouds beginning to move in. we have basically mid-50s to mid-60s, highs have been in the mid-60s to low 70s. here are the highlights. showers arriving tomorrow. we look at the cold night heading into weechblgd may see frost next week. tomorrow morning, it's going to be cold. i r i would grab an umbrella ask a ket or heavy jacket. temperatures down to mid-40s. 45 in santa rosa. 48 in livermore, 47 degrees in fairfield. cool around the bay. temperatures into low 50s and clouds around tonight. this is a cold storm. it's going to produce winter like weather here in the bay area, thursday, 5:00 a.m.
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just clouds. morning commute starts out fine. watch what happens by 9:00 a.m. the system starts to approach, rain develops in the north bay. then, it spreads during lunch hour going to get wet across the heart of the bay area. scattered showers for evening commute behind that will continue with cold air, 7:00 a.m. friday looking at showers could see snow over higher peeks here locally. snow levels coming down to about 3,000 feet by 5:00 p.m. friday it's all done. rainfall totals look like this, about four to eight tenths of an inch on the peninsula. to this sierra nevada going under that winter weather advisory up to 10 inches of snow expected near the coast crest.
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gusty winds means chain controls likely. you'll likely encounter tough travel conditions up there. scattered showers going to be colder. temperatures low 50s to low 60s and temperatures into 60 was scattered showers. accu-weather forecast need your umbrellas? next two days slight chance of thunderstorms then drying off only for chill that could be settling n slight chance of showers tuesday, wednesday. >> and still ahead a stole
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a puppy stolen from spca has a new home after she was recovered. >> this is the newly named lexie de la rue. someone stole her. >> employees spotted the puppy with a woman last week, police arrested the woman for drug charges and a parole violation. >> the new owner saw her before she was stolen. he saw she'd returned he adopted her. >> i like to think she remembered us. we were sold on her, but here she was, back again which is rare sometimes dogs disappear for good.
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and. >> this new family decided to name her lexie vv ala rue. >>
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coming up a domestic violence suspect surrenders to police. why did they days him? also a 31-year-old heading to congress, unseating a lawmaker in washington lnger than he's been alive z a common mistake a widow made trying to handle her late husband's estate. >> thank you. >> world news is coming up next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time and will see

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